Who Is the One Dodgy Dude?

There I was one day, all revved up to buy me a spot at Robert McKee’s Story seminar, when I double-checked the price and remembered my organism had yet to learn how to sustain itself without regular food intake, and that I enjoyed sleeping with four walls around me and a roof on top, so I held off on the purchase. 

Then I wondered how many other aspiring writers were cut off from enriching opportunities due to a case of malnourished pockets, and if there was a free alternative for us. 

And the One Dodgy Dude was born.

Whatever happens, I’ll make sure to keep the platform free. I want aspiring writers all over the world to always have a reliable, well-supplied library of online content to remind them that, with both hard AND smart work, they can be just as good as their favorite writers.

If not even better. 

Thank you for reading this far. Whether you support me or not, I’m grateful for your attention and wish you the best of luck. 

Now, take care and have a dodgy day!

–The One Dodgy Dude

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